Issy Bears

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  • Issy Bears, Auburn

    Hi, I'm Auburn. I'm a small bear, but feisty. I only measure 6-and-a-half-inches but every inch is perfect and ever so soft and strokey (made from synthetic fabric) Learn More

  • Issy Bears, Bella

    Hello, I'm Bella. I'm ever so friendly and I like cuddles and treats (especially Dolly Mixtures). I'm 9 inches tall. Yes I am. (made from hand-dyed mohair and alpaca) Learn More

  • Issy Bears, Bumble

    I'm Bumble. I like to give hugs and am very affectionate. I have lovely long fur for stroking and am altogether 12 inches of loveliness (made from mohair) Learn More

  • Issy Bears, Dominic

    Boo! I'm Dominic and my lovely panda snout helps me to sniff out delicious treats. I've got a big round tummy that I didn't get from eating just bamboo! I'm 11 inches in height (made from mohair) Learn More

  • Issy Bears, Izziwit

    Raah! I'm Izziwit and I pretend to be fierce because I'm a polar bear and apparently that's what we're supposed to do. Really, though I'm just 13 inches of big softy (made from mohair and ultra-suede) Learn More

  • Issy Bears, Wooduff

    Good morning, I'm Woodruff and I'm very traditional. I'm quite shy, which is why you won't find a picture of me looking at the camera- I'd blush. I am 14 inches tall (made from mohair) Learn More

6 Item(s)

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